Privacy Solutions

The only cookie that will appear on your browser's history is Private.Link

This is Private Websurfing (Beta) - contact us through KittenChat on bottom/right

Surf Privately

When you use your browser with Private.Link no cookies get set on your computer, they get set on ours.

Reduce Risk

Use Private.Link to keep your internet history private and stop attacks on your local computer from "bad" websites. The premium version of Private.Link actually launches the web page on our servers before sending you to the page. When we launch the page, we inspect it for malicious code or malware. If we find it, we won't send you there and will send you an alert instead. Premium paid version only.

Share Movies and Video Clips Privately

In the future, we'll offer additional premium (paid) services that allow you to upload video clips or movies to our servers, and generate a one-time-use code that you can share with a friend or business associate. They can't share the link because it's only good for one download session, unique to their ip or mac address. If they share the link, it won't work. If you are charging "per view" you'll love this feature! We'll track your revenues for you! Private.Link is not live yet.